If you want to find the best possible man for you, start with being the absolute best you can be. The best guys are shopping for a good deal. If you have been thinking about making some personal changes, it’s time to get started. Now is the time to make you, your attitude, happiness level, clothes, friends, family, home, work, and work place what you want them to be.

The following guidelines will help you self-market. First, do your best to change whatever needs fixing. Second, whatever isn’t fixable, don’t let it show until the man you are interested in is interested in you. Every human on the planet has bad attributes as well as good and many of us have faced some major challenges along our life’s journeys. Sometimes we have not dealt with those challenges well. The key is to not present those qualities or bad situations as the definition of who you are. If you tell someone that you are a problematic person or not worth their love right up front, they’ll probably do you the courtesy of believing you.

Start Inside Out

Do what you need to do to achieve peace of mind.

Procrastination takes a toll psychologically. It keeps your mind cluttered and robs you of a sense of accomplishment. Do what needs to be done, take it off your list, or at least get started. Schedule time for personal, educational, and spiritual development and periods of r & r. Revel in the time that you provide for yourself and know that you are worth it. Change keeps you interesting and gives you draw. Harried is not sexy. Seeming overwhelmed signals that you really don’t have the space in your life to be a good partner. A relaxed attitude is attractive and also sends a clear and lovely message that you have time for a husband.

Pretend you deserve it. 

If you feel unworthy, please take steps to elevate yourself in your own opinion. Meanwhile, be the person you want to be now. Fake it 'till you make it. Believe in your own deservedness. Behaving as though you deserve the best helps shape your future expectations with the added benefit of making you more cheerful in the present. People will believe who you tell them that you are.

Evaluate criticism

Determine if the critique fits you. If so, you have been given a gift. Make use of it by making changes that can only benefit you. If a criticism doesn't fit, there's a strong chance that your critics are describing themselves or their envious natures. Do not accept critiques from toxic sources. It is useless negativity. On the other hand, be grateful for words of advice from the healthy people who care about you being the best you can be.

Do Try This At Home

Improve your environment. 

Your home is your nest. In it you can do pretty much anything you want, so make it a place you enjoy -- for playing, praying, exercising, cooking, and relaxing. Fill it with wonderful aromas. Play music sweet to your ears or forces you into dance moves. Create comfortable spaces for yourself and guests.

Reduce clutter.

Give or throw away what you don't need or love and organize the rest. It’s good for you, reduces fire hazard and depending on where you give it, can be tax deductible too.

Compliment yourself especially when home alone.

Focus on what you do. Listening with interest qualifies, so does successfully driving home without bumps, dents, or finger gestures. Be aware of your large and small accomplishments and give yourself credit. Being less judgmental with yourself will make you easier on the people in your life as well. People who accept themselves are less likely to be judgmental toward others. This will help you draw positive people into your life.

Develop internal support.

You don't need permission to do things. Just announce your plans and goals to yourself, write them down, and take action. No trial by jury or excessive approval is needed for your actions – this will only slow you down in achieving goals.

Relax about relationships when you are alone with him.

Not every relationship requires analysis. Don't fix what works. If there are problems, speak up and admit them. If problems are immediately solvable or of true importance, come up with solutions. If not, emulate the Scarlett O'Hara school of crisis management and “think about it tomorrow”, or drop it altogether. In happy relationships, at least one partner is good at differentiating little from big,

Turn off the phone.

Don't answer when you need uninterrupted time for yourself or for building intimacy and make time for intimacy a regular feature in your home. Date time or mate time should not be interrupted by cell phone calls from work, friends, family, etc. Whether it’s you or the two of you,

And always remember this: Don't even try for perfection. Excellence is a great goal that you are less likely to achieve if you are attempting to be perfect.

Training to Find Love

Clean and Simple.